Sunitha Ramu

Hello, Everyone. My name is Sunitha Ramu and other than my name, I pretty much don’t have any accomplishments in my kitty.

I consider myself to be mind numbingly simple. I have written umpteen number of blogs in the past, probably to “show” to the world outside that I excel in writing. After having published them, did I realize that I was poor and boring! Yawn!

Well, now – after having existed for 37 years in the Kali Yuga, I have a decent amount of self-confidence and I wish to pen my thoughts or expressions and probably pass on the “little somethings” that I know to the one or two reading my blog. No, I am certainly not a negative person.

One thing I have learned all through my life is to draw a line somewhere and to keep anything and everything short and simple. So, this is my way of telling that – I will not have “long blogs”.

Without further delay – I wish to thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that, you come back to it time and again.