#12 – Indraprastha

Once the honeymoon period came to an end, it was advised to the Pandavas that they venture back to Hastinapura. Per Vidura's advice, the entire entourage reached the kingdom of hastinapura and there they were surprised to receive a royal welcome. They are gifted with chests of treasures, finest silks, a platter of delicacies and … Continue reading #12 – Indraprastha

#11 – Queen Panchali

Draupadi weds the mighty brahmin (Arjuna) and after all the peacemaking, Arjuna, his wife and the other four brahmins set foot to Ekachara to convey the wonderful news to their mother. Little did they know as to what awaited them! They step foot inside the house and call out to their mother Kunti asking her … Continue reading #11 – Queen Panchali

#6 – Vasuki and Vayuputra

Bheema, the Vayuputra's strength is immeasurable. The adolescent period of Pandavas and Kauravas were dominated by nothing but rivalry. The enemity between Bheema and Duryodhana was fresh always. With Bheema's mace skills and strength, the pandavas had an army of protection with him around. Jealousy leaves none and Duryodhana was ruled by it. There were … Continue reading #6 – Vasuki and Vayuputra

#4 – Blind and Pale

Now that Amba's chapter is complete, my thoughts swivel to her siblings, Ambika and Ambhalika. Ambika and Ambhalika, after being abducted, happily settle down with Vichitraveerya amidst great pomp and splendour. The world has its naysayers but Ambika and Ambhalika receive only love from Vichitraveerya. Those are the happy days for Hastinapura with Bheeshma looking … Continue reading #4 – Blind and Pale